Skills for Business

Bespoke training for small organisations

We are developing a business training element to our course portfolio, focusing on third sector and small enterprises which require staff training but require a flexible approach.

We have the expertise to assess quickly where the knowledge gaps are and can offer 1:1 training either on site or at our Castlebrae base.

We know that for small businesses, having team members away for even half a day can seriously impact on productivity.

As a unique service we will come into the workplace and give ‘floor walking’ support: in effect, shadowing members of staff as they go through their normal working day. This means we can identify issues and gaps in knowledge and processes as and when they occur, working closely to target specific needs or issues, in ‘real time’.

We find this is an extremely cost effective way of upgrading staff IT skills (for example Microsoft Office and other desktop packages) by focussing on real working situations, rather than releasing staff for a ‘one size fits all course’ that may not be relevant to all aspects of their role.


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