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At Create Digital Skills we believe that everyone can benefit from being online. Public services including health and social care, benefits and taxes are all on the internet. We want to help everyone be part of the future of digital technology, whether it’s access to services or saving money on goods with online shopping or banking.

We work with housing associations in Edinburgh to support their tenants to get access to the internet. This support is tailored to their needs, delivered on a 1-1 basis and uses tablets to make learning as accessible as possible.

Age should not be a barrier to reaping the benefits of digital access.  For example services for health and social care, which affect older people to a large extent, are increasingly going online. New-found IT confidence can also be a real lifeline for older people, by allowing them to stay in close touch with friends and family via Skype or Facetime, for example, or by using social media.  If mobility is an issue, the convenience of online shopping can be both helpful and practical.   Importantly, the ability to get online helps older people stay connected to be active members of their community.

That’s why we have devised a course specifically for older people and work with housing associations such as Dunedin Canmore and their tenants providing support either 1:1 or in small groups offering an introduction to the internet using tablet technology.

We want everyone to become part of the digital revolution!

You can find training materials (Home Computing) here.


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